Chilean Firefighters Hail 'Incredible' WASP


Chilean firefighters have praised the ‘incredible’ robust design of the WASP.

They were amazed to discover the Warning Alarm for Stability Protection was able to survive a six-metre fall onto a concrete floor – and still remained operational.

Firefighter Chris Calbo feared the worst when it was dropped during a training exercise from a ladder in Santiago, Chile.

But, despite a crack to the lid the WASP, designed to protect firefighters and emergency service personnel in a variety of scenarios, continued working perfectly.

He contacted WASP founder Matt Keogh to pass on details of the incident and to offer praise for the unit’s design.

Mr Calbo, said: “I grabbed the WASP with the plate for the shoring and put it on the magnetic face and went up a ladder to the third floor of a building simulator.

“As I climbed the ladder my arms knocked the WASP and it fell from the magnetic plate from a height of six metres.

“The lid cracked but the equipment works fine. Overall, it is incredible, it almost didn’t have any real damage.”

The WASP was designed to withstand the harsh conditions in which emergency personnel need to operate, from earthquake zones, to collapsed structures, RTAs and fire damaged buildings.

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