Hong Kong Fire Use WASP To Monitor Shipping Container Landslide


Rescue workers in Hong Kong turned to the WASP after a landslide sent shipping containers crashing onto a beach and into the sea.

Emergency service workers feared victims could be trapped inside the containers or around them.

Hong Kong Fire Service rushed to the scene with specially trained rescue dogs but were concerned about the instability of the containers and so deployed the WASP, or Warning Alarm for Stability Protection.

WASP founder Matt Keogh explained: “It was unlikely that any people were involved in the incident but couldn’t be ruled and so the rescue teams turned to specially trained dogs.

“The dogs are trained to detect human scent but there was concern that the containers could be unstable and so the Hong Kong Fire Service used the WASPs to protect their dogs.

“The WASP can be used to monitor movement and / or vibration. It attaches directly to the shipping containers via magnetic and so it is quick and easy to attach and offers instantaneous protection.”

The Hong Kong Fire Service have been using the WASP for the past six months and have been so impressed with the variety of uses are now looking to add more units to their emergency response cache.

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