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There has been a need for some considerable time and some ideas and devices have made it into production and onto the ‘safety’ market, the problem is that they’re usually highly priced, rely on a variety of triggering methods, can be fragile ie not fireman proof and need a degree in rocket science to set up an monitor effectively. Enter the WASP.

Neal Pickersgill, MBE, International Search and Rescue Expert

Excellent bit of kit, idiot proof and versatile. It is very effective, no false readings when used.

Mat Hodge, Fire Fighter

There is, currently, nothing else available to search teams that can provide the flexibility and overall assurance that the WASP can provide. This now forms an integral part of our equipment cache.

Dean Nankivell, Group Manager Resilience USAR / ISAR Team Commander, GMFRS FSHQ

I wish to place on record the thanks of European Commission for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection, the London Resilence Partnership and London Fire Brigade for your significant and much valued contribution to EUR.

The scale and reach of EUR was only made possible because companies such as WASP Rescue were so generous in their support of this event. In your case, providing technical support to EUR movement monitoring made a vital contribution to EUR.

The EUR was the largest and most complex multi-agency training exercise ever undertaken in London fire Brogue’s history and it’s believed to be the largest that has taken place in the UK.

Peter Cowup, London Fire Brigade Deputy Commissioner

Any questions? Please call us +44 (0)161 207 2323