Wasp deployed on Banff landslide

Sea front town of Banff cut off by landslide

Residents in the sea front town of Banff in northern Scotland had an unwelcome surprise last week when their gardens and homes were threatened by a severe landslide which covered a heavily used route in and out of the town effectively cutting residents off from the outside world.

Six wasp units were rushed to the site where they were deployed on mounting poles to protect crews working on reinforcing the slope and clearing the large volume of mud. The installation of these wasp units has allowed the slow process of clearing the road to continue.

Local councillors hope to re-open the road on a full-time basis by summer of this year and WASP is likely to play a part in the protection of crews working on site until the engineers involved are confident that the slope integrity has been stabilised.

Warning Alarm for Stability Protection can be deployed in a number of scenarios using a wide array of brackets and specialist fixings provided with every unit. The WASP’s magnetic base plate also allows the unit to mount to any magnetic surface with ease.

In a busy month for WASP rescue co-founder Matt Keogh attended the Scottish site travelling the 400 miles to deliver the first two units fresh from the scene of a recent gas explosion In Leicester.

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