German Teams Deploy WASP In Alpine Snow Rescue


German rescue workers have deployed the WASP after three Bavarian districts declared a state of emergency.

The Warning Alarm for Stability Protection was used to monitor movement to buildings buried by snow after extreme conditions.

Twelve people have died and parts of Germany and Austria are on high alert after unprecedented levels of snowfall across Europe.

Hundreds are trapped in their homes and are now relying on German and Austrian soldiers to dig them to safety.

German Rescue team THW Ortsverband Kelheim were deployed to the Berchtesgaden region and the village of Weißbach.

WASP Rescue MD Matt Keogh said: “The WASP has been used to monitor homes and other buildings literally buried in snow.

“As I understand the THW team have been trying to clear snow from the roofs of these buildings but are fearful of collapse, due to the sheer weight of the snow.

“The situation is extremely serious and the rescue workers are working around the clock to ensure the villagers and holidaymakers remain safe.”

The WASP attaches to any surface in any position and monitors for movement and / or vibration.

It will alarm if any movement occurs between 0.1° to 2.6° or vibration from 0.5hz to 100hz, allowing rescue workers to escape to safety.

Two German skiers were killed by avalanches in the Austrian Alps at the weekend, whilst a nine-year-old boy was killed by a falling tree in Aying near Munich.

The snowfall has resulted in residents being snowed in and seen motorists trapped for hours in freezing temperatures.

More than 300 German and Austrian soldiers have been deployed to work with firefighters and police to combat the extreme weather conditions.

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