WASP Provides Protection For Emergency Workers At Grenfell Tower

WASP Rescue loaned London Fire five WASP Units to help protect emergency service workers at Grenfell Tower.

They have been using the Warning Alarm for Stability Protection as an additional control measure to protect firefighters, police, paramedics, structural engineers and officials working in and around the tower.

In total 11 WASPs have been used at Grenfell Tower – five loaned by Wasp Rescue and six units already purchased by the UKISAR team and Kent Fire and Rescue.

They will monitor the fire ravaged building for instability and possible movement as workers continue their delicate finger tip search of the 24 storey tower block.

WASP co-founder Matt Keogh, said: “In all my years as a firefighter I have never seen a tragedy like Grenfell Tower.

“The scene of devastation at Grenfell is unprecedented and our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this terrible disaster and to their families.

“The firefighters performed heroically in the most challenging situation and will continue too for many months as work continues to try and identify victims, secure the structure and make it safe for the investigation to begin.

“We were privileged to be able to play a small part in assisting their work by loaning London Fire Brigade five WASP units to supplement the six they already have on site.”

At least 80 people died as fire ripped through the 24 storey, 220-foot-tall housing block during the early hours of June 14th, 2017, with 70 people injured. The final death toll may never be known.

The fire burned for around 60 hours until it was finally extinguished and required more than 200 firefighters and around 70 fire engines from all over London.

* To learn more about WASP Rescue please contact the team by clicking this link.

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