WASP Rescue Partner With Res-Q-Jack


WASP Rescue have agreed a distribution partnership with Res-Q-Jack.

Res-Q-Jack are the premier manufacturer of vertical stabilisation systems in the US and have distributors across North America.

They will distribute the WASP, or Warning Alarm for Stability Protection, across the States through Res-Q-Jack’s network of dealers.


WASP Steve Ibbotson, said: “We are delighted to be working with Res-Q-Jack, the premier manufacturer of vertical stabilization systems in the US.

“The WASP is a great compliment to the systems they produce and likewise the quality, innovation and safety WASP offers will greatly compliment Res-Q-Jack.

“Res-Q-Jack have an incredible network of well-connected distributors across the States who will be able to showcase the WASP to a wealth of customers.”


WASP Rescue joined forces with Res-Q-Jack at the FDIC International in Indianapolis between April 24 / 29th and received some incredible feedback.

To learn more about the Warning Alarm for Stability Protection email: info@wasp-rescue.com.

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